All New PulseSuite

Pulse911 is on a mission to become the premier private dispatch center in the U.S. Our dedicated team, from sales and development to dispatchers and administration, has been working tirelessly to bring you the best possible software solutions.

We’re excited to announce to be working on Pulse Suite, our brand new, custom-built CAD/MDT system. Packed with features, Pulse Suite offers a wide range of options to perfectly fit your agency’s needs.

“They patrol the streets, we navigate the calls. Dispatch and public safety, working together to keep our communities safe.”

― Pulse911 Team

Don’t worry, our commitment to excellence extends beyond software. Our experienced dispatchers are the heart of Pulse911. They understand the critical nature of your work and are dedicated to providing calm, efficient, and reliable support around the clock. Whether it’s prioritizing calls, relaying crucial information, or keeping your team connected, our dispatchers become a seamless extension of your operation, allowing you to focus on what matters most – serving your community or clients.


Pulse911 dispatchers aren’t just voice relays; they’re strategic partners in your success. They undergo rigorous training to stay up-to-date on protocols, de-escalation tactics, and the latest industry best practices. This ensures they can handle any situation with composure and provide critical pre-arrival instructions or additional resources when needed. You can be confident that your team will receive the clear and concise information they need to respond effectively, minimizing response times and maximizing positive outcomes.

About Us

Pulse911 is your trusted partner in emergency dispatch, headquartered in North Dakota. Our leadership team boasts extensive experience in the military, security, and first responder fields. This unique background translates into a deep understanding of the critical situations our clients face every day. We don’t just answer calls; we provide the unwavering support and strategic insight you need to achieve optimal outcomes.

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